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Hi. My name is James. I like to eat. A lot. And I have recently discovered that people like to watch me eat a lot, specifically: eat a lot very fast. So, my girlfriend Kate and I have started documenting my journey.
We started out doing this just for a laugh, but within three weeks I had over 160,000 followers on TikTok. Since then, we have launched a YouTube channel, Instagram account and now, this website. 

Turns out, J Webby CAN EAT

If you're reading this, thanks for taking the time to learn a bit about me. 

I grew up in Sydney, Australia, in an ethnic household. My Mother is Croatian, and our family gatherings were always centred around food and lots of it. I've always loved my Mumma's cooking and have been spoiled with my Mum and Baba's culinary talents my entire life. I always knew I could eat more than the 'average Joe' as I would forever be finishing off everyone's plates at family dinners. But, I didn't realise I had a "talent" for 'chowing down' until Kate and I visited the Khartoum Hotel in Cessnock, NSW. 

On this day, I ordered their 5kg Burger Challenge which included a 5kg Hamburger with fries, wedges and onion rings. I leisurely ate my way through it and finished it in 27mins 37 seconds. The locals couldn't believe it. The challenge had been deemed 'impossible'. 56 contenders had tried prior, and I remain the only winner. I made news Australia wide and overseas. It was pretty funny, I thought it was just a slow news day. 

However, that was just the beginning. Fast forward to now, Kate and I have been making our way all around Sydney & regional NSW, hunting down Food Challenges as an attempt to get me some experience and exposure for entry into sanctioned competitive eating events. It turns out, all those years of dipping bread in oil whilst my Baba cooked shallow fried fish gave me superhuman digestion and two stomachs (one for dessert, of course). 
I also have been a gym enthusiast for most of my adult life. Having huge respect for training and bodybuilding, I have been 'force feeding' myself for years to promote muscle growth and recovery. I have now maintained single-digit body fat for over 10 years and consume roughly around 6000cals per day on a 'maintenance' diet. This took YEARS of training and dieting - it didn't happen overnight. 

If you're just tuning into my journey now, thanks. Or if you've been around since the beginning, bigger thanks. I don't take myself too seriously and know there are way more important things going on in the world. But if me eating a giant-sized hamburger makes you laugh or shines a light on some hard-working hospitality workers and business owners, I've done my good deed for the day. 

My aim is to spread positivity and a serious love for GOOD FOOD, one oversized meal at a time. 

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Meet James
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