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Meet James Webb, a.k.a. "J Webby Can Eat," your guide to achieving balance between fitness and indulgence. James's journey began at the age of 15, when he stumbled upon the gym as an overweight semi-pro soccer player. Inspired by the transformative power of bodybuilding, he embarked on a 20-year fitness odyssey that would shape his life's work.


With over 15 years of industry experience, James has honed his craft working with clients of all levels, from beginners to semi-pro athletes. Armed with certifications including Certificate 3 and 4, and trained under the renowned Poliquin system, he brings a wealth of expertise to every training session.


But James's story doesn't end with dumbbells and protein shakes. For the past 3 years, he's been on a mission to find harmony between his passion for food and his dedication to training. As the #1 ranked eater in 'Competitive Eating Australia' and the #5 ranked eater in the 'Major League Eating' (IFOCE USA), James has conquered the competitive eating world with 6 Australian contest records and 5 eating world records under his belt. Not to mention, he's secured two 3rd place finishes at the prestigious Nathan's Famous 4th of July contest.


Join the 'Eat & Lift' Elite and join James on a journey of fitness, flavour, and fulfillment. Whether you're striving for a chiseled physique or aiming to outeat the competition, J Webby Can Eat has the tools and expertise to help you reach your goals.


Let's turn your fitness dreams into reality, one bite at a time.

train hard. treat harder.

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